September 2012

We're not just for pharma

Because we are the former Searle campus, there is a view that the Illinois Science + Technology Park is just for pharma companies.  While certainly we have our share, the Park is home to companies that fulfill a wide range of scientific endeavors.  Being close to Northwestern University, we have a number of companies that have been created based upon Northwestern innovation. Companies like AuraSense, NanoInk and Polyera are here. 


Need scientific expertise?  Consider  WIL Research (formerly Midwest BioResearch) . While WIL Research provides resources to life science companies, they also help agricultural companies insure product safety.  Additionally, they work with  veterinary, food and consumer products industries on a global basis.


Polyera is a leading supplier of solution-processable functional materials for the electronics industry.  They are leader in helping create new solutions in industrial and consumer electronics.  Think about a flexible display or a TV that you can unroll. 


Peter Soelkner of Vetter called the Illinois Science + Technology Park "an invention mall".  He noted "there is always something happening on campus"


Ask about our space available for small companies, with a desire  to be part of an innovative community.  Looking for a location that is both accessible to Downtown Chicago and the suburbs for your business and scientific efforts? Talk to us about the new building we are planning.


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