August 2014

Nanotechnology Open House

Skokie’s Illinois Science + Technology Park (ISTP) is home to the NE3i, one of the most creative and innovative programs in the country to train professional technicians in the emerging field of nanotechnology. NE3i, short for the “Nanotechnology Education, Employment and Development Initiative”, is a partnership between IS+TP, the Village of Skokie, Oakton Community College (“OCC”) and NSERVE, a consortium of nine area high schools.

Dual Chamber Syringes versus Vials: Is there a clear choice?

 The number of drugs supplied in lyophilized form has been growing at an increased rate over the past ten years, mirroring the increase in the number of complex biologics entering the market.  However, biologics present a challenge to both the manufacturer and the end-user. In liquid form they are often unstable due to their complex structure and composition. As such, they must be manufactured using the highly specialized process of lyophilization.