March 2015

Floral Avenue Project Update

"I want to be in Skokie forever and help make the downtown area an increasingly cool destination where both potential residents and outsiders want to come and spend time," said John McLinden of Streetscape Development. "While the word about Skokie is definitely getting out, we still have work to do to make Skokie a premier destination"  Skokie's Floral Avenue housing development has seen substantial progress since breaking ground on the first of twenty units in June of last year.  Despite a cold, snowy and challenging winter construction season, the first unit is complete and the construction for six other units is on its way.  A total of nine units have been either sold or reserved to date. Last week, a young couple from the Skokie area and their preschool age daughter were the first family to move into their new custom-designed home.


McLinden is a veteran and visionary in the real estate industry, and an unabashed advocate of New Urbanism,an urban design movement that is characterized by walkable neighborhoods, environmental sustainability, and transit-oriented development.   McLinden has also pioneered a customer-centric approach to residential building which begins with the cornerstone question How Do You Live? Streetscape works with each buyer to design a living space suited to their particular requirements and  lifestyle.     The Floral Avenue project and Streetscape's earlier School Street development in Libertyville, Illinois, both promote a lifestyle where most daily needs can be met by walking or rail transit distance.  Christopher Leinberger, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, identified a fairly recent  demographic trend where a rising Millennial generation and soon-to-retire Baby Boomers are both demanding the walkable urban alternative.  The Floral Avenue project promises to meet the needs of both these groups. Thus far, the soon to be unit owners represent a demographic mix consisting of five millennial families with young children (or young children on their way) and three baby boomer couples. According to McLinden, the main draw for these future Skokians are the benefits of a walkable, vibrant, and cool downtown area.  McLinden is optimistic about the future, and envisions selling out the remaining 12 units within the next 12 months or so. He also sees breaking ground on the second major phase of the project (located on the east side of Floral Avenue) in the very near future. While building out the Floral Avenue project may extend for the next couple of years, McLinden is eager to promote Skokie and its economic development for the long run.


Thanks to Brad Rosen for this post. Brad is a writer, lawyer, Skokie resident and member of the Skokie Economic Development Commission.

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