March 2016

Northwestern Scientist Shares $1 Million Prize

Chad Mirkin, a star researcher at Northwestern University, is among three winners of a $1 million prize for his work in nanotechnology and medicine. Mirkin, a serial entrepreneur and director of Northwestern's International Institute for Nanotechnology, is one of three winners of the Dan David Prize, a program at Tel Aviv University, which gives awards for outstanding achievements in the three time dimensions: past, present and future.
Mirkin and two other researchers won the prize in the future category, which this year recognizes innovative research that cuts across traditional boundaries in nanoscience and nanotechnology. He shares the $1 million with Paul Alivisatos from the University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and John Pendry of Imperial College London.    "I am truly honored and thrilled to receive this international award along with professors Alivisatos and Pendry," Mirkin said.  "It is an extraordinary validation of many years of work in the laboratory."  For more, click here.


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