Vetter- Partnership - Key to Success

Flexibility, responsiveness and operational excellence are increasingly being demanded by drug developers. Oskar Gold, Senior Vice President Key Account Management and Marketing/Corporate Communications, says that Vetter believes that partnership is always the key to success, with operational excellence being decisive in both the development and commercial phases.

A "solution provider" like Vetter can help sponsors of all sizes to align their requirements and bridge gaps, Gold contends. For smaller biotechs, partnering with one can offer the support needed for faster and more efficient drug development, adding critical value from the earliest stages via a combination of efficiency, long-term thinking, high quality and safety. Larger companies can benefit from this approach at a later stage when acquiring a drug substance or, indeed, the small biotech.

Approximately two-thirds of all drug development projects take place in the U.S. and more than half of Vetter's customers are headquartered in the U.S.  The company currently manufactures about 50 customer products with FDA approval. At the manufacturing level, where the actual projects are completed, trust-based and well-managed relationships provide the needed intellectual fuel necessary for a successful project outcome while helping to optimize costs and improve efficiencies. This is one of the reasons behind Vetter's existing small-scale clinical manufacturing facility at the Illinois Science + Technology Park in Skokie, which was its first such facility in the U.S. To read the entire Oskar Gold article, click here.