Is your business ready to use QR Codes?

by Mark Goodman:  Interested in QR codes and how you can link your e-Content to your print content.  Why should a vistor to your website link to a QR code? How can you use a QR code to help educate your propect about your busines?

How do you get started? Download the readers, and check out codes that are available to you.  If you are not sure where to find QR codes to scan, go to the auto  or entertainment sections of the Sunday newspaper.

Check out this link.  Every building in Dubai will have a QR Code.

As we roll out the new website for the Illnois Science + Technology Park, we are integrating QR codes into the site.

Need a list of key contacts? See how we created a QR code link on the Contact page of the new website.

How the Illinois Science + Technology Park is more than just real estate?  Scan this code --->

Lastly, a short Motorola story.  Back in the mid 1990′s, I approached one of the marketing communications people . We wanted to add URL’s to the brochures that we were printing. The marcom person said “what a great idea! however, we really don’t have room for a URL on the brochure.  It is hard enough finding space for a phone number”  Then she continued, “none of our customers are really going to dial up on the internet and use it to find out about our products, they really just prefer to call us.”

Most businesses are looking to lower their cost of selling, or expand their reach.  How are you different from your competition?  Yes, everyone does not have a smartphone, but how about your target customer?

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